What is The Makery?

The Makery is an exciting new place for you to get creative, learn a new craft, or make something truly one-of-a-kind.

We have fun, crafty projects for all ages and all skill levels.  Stop by during our open studio hours or sign up for a creative workshop!  We provide the materials, guidance, and clean-up so that you can have a stress-free, creative experience.

The Makery is also a great place to host your child's birthday party, a baby shower, or your ladies' night out!  You bring the snacks and we'll provide the entertainment and clean-up.  Send us a message under the 'Party at The Makery' link above so that we can give you more pricing details and personalize your event.

What is a maker?

It's me and it's probably you too!  A maker can be a creator, crafter, artist, designer, photographer, homemaker, baby maker, cook, decorator, or anyone who has ever made something and loved the feeling they got from it.

What will the workshops be like?

Think of The Makery Workshops as a modern day home-ec class but with no grades and way more fun, music, and laughter.  Each workshop will incorporate an activity or craft while also teaching a lesson of a new skill or crafting technique.  The workshops will cover a range of material from sewing - to - painting a unique piece of home decor - to- planting fun houseplants - to - creating a cute mobile for the nursery.  :)  There is a calendar above showing the upcoming workshops.  Workshops are always being added, so keep checking back!

My Story

Hello!  My name is Lindsey and I am the owner of The Makery!  The Makery grew out of my love for creativity.  While I do a great deal of creating myself, trying every DIY project on Pinterest, making my own holiday decorations and artwork for the walls of my home, I really enjoy inviting friends over so that we can all have fun and make things together.  

I am born and raised in Nebraska.  I grew up in the small town of Cortland, Nebraska where I spent a lot of time getting creative with my mom, grandma, a fun babysitter, and a crafty neighbor lady.  My favorite part of every camp, bible school, or elementary school day was always the part where I was allowed to get creative and make birdhouses out of popsicle sticks, paint wax paper sun catchers, press flowers into bookmarks, or cover ANYTHING in glitter.  :)  My Christmas list always included art supplies and crafting kits.  In an age before Pinterest my friends and I would use our imagination to piece together shoeboxes to make homes for our dolls, we would make crowns and necklaces out of flowers we picked from the neighbor's flower beds, and we would hammer and nail scraps of wood together to make little tables and shelves.  

Now, with that little thing called the internet, I am constantly inspired by new and fun DIY project ideas.  It's so easy to spend hours getting lost perusing all of the pages of projects and DIY ideas.  And while I enjoy and appreciate all of the information that is out there, I wanted to create a place where people could come together, outside of the computer, and create things with like-minded people in a fun, carefree, magical environment.  

And so The Makery was born.

I hope that you will feel at home within The Makery's crafting community.  I can't wait to meet you.