The Makery is a great place to host your next birthday party, baby shower, or bridal party!  We will plan crafts, games, and activities to make your day special and work with you to customize everything to your liking.

The price for a private party is a per/person charge and is based on the craft chosen.  Typical adult crafts range from $30-$38/person.  Typical child crafts range from $18-$24/person.  You are able to choose from any of the crafts listed in our project list.  For kid's birthday parties, you will choose two crafts with a discount of 50% off the second craft.

Parties typically last 2 hours with 90 minutes for crafting and 30 minutes for socializing.

There is a minimum of 10 people required to book a private party during off-peak times (daytime or weeknight) and a minimum of 14 people required to book a private party during peak times (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights).  If you do not have enough people to reserve your private party, just bring your whole group to the scheduled class for the evening!  We'll make sure you all sit together.

Drop us a line to get a customized quote!  Let us know the date, estimated number of people, and how you'd like the event to go and we will get back to you within two days with a pricing list customized for you.  

You provide the cake and we will provide the entertainment and the clean-up so that you can relax and have a wonderful time celebrating!

The Makery's calendar fills up fast so be sure to reserve your date soon!

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