Tall Wooden Joy Sign - 12/8

Tall Wooden Joy Sign - 12/8


Tonight we will be making custom pieces of wood decor full of Christmas cheer!  You will have the option to paint the background of your board or to leave it the Walnut stained color.  Then we will use fancy stencils to paint on the 'J' and the 'Y'.  Finally we will create the 'O'!  To do this you can either use a grapevine wreath or a foam wreath form.  In either case you will decorate your wreath with Christmasy craft supplies, felt, yarn, ribbon, and poinsettias. 

The class fee includes all of the supplies needed to stencil, paint, and decorate a 11.5" x 30" plank of pre-stained wood.  Class fee is $40/each.  No refunds are given for cancellations with less than 72 hours notice prior to workshop start.

Thursday, December 8th

6:30pm - 8:00pm